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Vince Morash and James Crouse

Take a prolific singer/songwriter and a gifted musician and put them together and you get a fantastic repertoire of original music. Vince Morash was actually born and raised in Nova Scotia’s iconic fishing village of Peggy’s Cove. His years in a seacoast village combined with a life of travels across the country have given him a unique perspective on this country. With a huge collection of original tunes, his subject matter covers everything from the challenges of making a living as a fisherman to the the life of a donut shop server and a hundred things in between. His songs are a reflection on everyday life and some can bring a tear to your eye from sorrow or laughter.
As a musical partner, there are few musicians as versatile as James Crouse. James’ expertise on the guitar and vocal harmonies enhances all the tunes like a breeze filling a sail on a schooner.